Tita and Tom

Well, the big excitement of the day was that the kids' beloved "Tita" (from the Portuguese titia for aunt) and Tom came for a visit. They parked in the Park, and walked to the back gate, where they sat, two metres away, while we chatted. The kids were very good about the distancing (they've had a lot of practice) and have added the concept of the difference between "family" and "household" to all the other new terms they use casually, such as "lockdown" and "social distancing" and "Zoom" and "virus". Zion and I hugged a tree hard before they arrived, to get the hugging out of our system. It helped.

And extra of Julia's Blipper godmother, for her daughter, Blipper Hamp5on, who came to give chocolate and good French coffee. Which, of course, meant we all had to move in another two metres... what strange lives we all lead. Actually, there were four Blippers there altogether, so I guess it classified as a Blipmeet, ha!

It was, by the way, a scorcher of a day.

- seeing these two again, and that they've secured a flat, so won't be homeless next month
- and that Julia's kidney infection has, at last, succumbed to antibiotics - first day without pain in a long time
- next-door neighbour leaning over the fence and offering the use of her electric hair trimmer, when she heard me saying my hands were hurting from holding strands of Mike's hair, to cut it. Must say, it's very easy and looks good, especially after Sam finished it off. Though I did nick Mike's neck with it, never used them before. I also trimmed Deb. Allegra and Zion's hair - with scissors.

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