Forced To Sign

Mike and I got up early to get to a builders merchant in Lichfield, because he'd found out they had a few bags of plaster. Seems others had found out too, and there was none left for us - or the many others in the queue.

So we went for a walk to the medieval Cathedral, weird to see it closed and no tea rooms open. Enjoyed walking round the Minster Pool and Stowe Pool, seeing the birdlife and reflections of the Cathedral's three spires. But thought this image of King John of Magna Carta (and Robin Hood) fame was interesting, with his brass quill pen; one of the many figures on the west front of the Cathedral.

Mike has decided to just do the best he can with some filler; who knows when plaster will be available again?

- an extremely hot day; well, for England, anyway - so, lunch in the garden
- that Mike's work has made the attic bearable in the heat, and for clearing and cleaning the rubble off my desk here, so much more pleasant
- beginning the third Narnia book with Zion - The Horse and His Boy

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