Shooting the Sun

Today, in Nature studies, we looked at clouds. As ever, my knowledge is pretty sketchy, so we're learning together. Also, it's difficult to simplify something that you don't understand well yourself. Decided, in the end, to divide into cumulus (as on the left of the photo), cirrus (higher up by the sun), stratus, and nimbus (which, thankfully, we didn't have today). And a fifth type, contrail, which, sadly, is becoming more common again (two just in this photo).

I know that's possibly hypocritical, as I've probably flown more than most; my Mum even called a plane to take her to hospital for my birth, and my first sentence was "pane comin", apparently. But it does make me feel sad to see the clear skies that lockdown has given us, getting dirty again. 

Like a lot of things, how to resolve the tension??

- a new book to read from H, though it looks a bit scary, as in, might need to change if I listen to it...
- the privilege of having flown and seen the earth from above
- these months we've had of cleaner air

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