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By Diane2104

Bittern #60

What a marvellous way to end a long weekend away. On our way back from Yorkshire we went cross country back to Leighton Moss with the target of getting a shot of the local bittern. The weather has been amazing today - perfect for birdwatching. 
Within 15 minutes of arriving at Lower Hide it turned up, heading back to the nest. Too quick, wrong settings and flying with the wind so it was flying very fast (for a bittern). Whilst we were waiting for it to head out again we were treated to multiple sightings of a marsh harrier, a kingfisher and even an osprey(extras) - how lucky were we?!
Eventually after about an hour the bittern flew out again, and this time I was a bit more prepared and managed a shot I was happy with. 
The osprey was the 200th bird species I've seen this year and not even half the year gone. I'm super happy with that, even if 56 of them were from our trip down under. I'll keep going to see how far I can get with the British list, as to get 200 is a tall order when you don't go chasing them. 

Back home now and back to work tomorrow, but with some lovely memories of a fabulous weekend. 

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