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By Diane2104

Eider Ducks

Inspired by kwchas & kwdiane, we headed to Walney Island this afternoon and are so glad we did. If it wasn't for them and their write-ups I don't think I'd have known about this nature reserve - so thank you both!
It was wonderful to see the Eider ducks in their hundreds, and the oystercatchers in their thousands by the looks of it. They were all driven in by the incoming tide and it was a delight to see. 
Eider ducks are not found in so many places in England, and I am unlikely to see another one for a while, so it had to be my blip today. 
They are the largest sea ducks resident in Britain and I think they are striking looking. 

We also saw a few other species of wader - dunlin, ringed plover, sanderling, and away from the water, linnet, sedge warblers, meadow pipits, skylarks, reed buntings and swallows, so it was a very successful afternoon. A couple of my favourites in extras.

We are now both really tired and achy, so if I stay up much longer to do some commenting I will be impressed with myself, but don't hold your breath!!

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