Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Birds visiting

The bird feeders are getting visits from all kinds of birds. Some are too quick for me!  A few were still long enough for me to photograph them for this collage!  

The deer are also coming back to the feeder.  There were seven in the yard this morning.  No photos yet.   Jerry said he saw a fawn with spots while I was gone but it has not shown up since I have been home.  

It is really hot here!   Summer has arrived  in the south.    So very thankful that I drove through Kansas before all the terrible storms came to that area.   Keep these people in your thoughts and prayers as dozens of tornadoes have happened in the last couple of days with more expected today and tomorrow.    

Other than a grocery store trip, it has been another lazy day!!  It is harder to get adjusted to the time change when I come east from the west!    I hope tomorrow to start editing and deleting all the photos I had taken on the three week adventure!    Plus look through the iphone photos and move the ones I want to keep to the proper day and place.    Lots of computer time coming up!  

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