By schorschi

Chainsaw Massacre

Today finished off a good 24 hours worth of Twitter "Debate" with a, probably late 40s, English Brexiterlady from a Northumbrian village just north of Newcastle.

All started very innocently when she commented on something I had written regarding the misuse the Leave campaign had made of Facebook (Cambridge Analytica) advertising to provoke immigration fear in voters.

The lady claimed she wasn't on Facebook, neither was her 19 voter son who were both staunch Brexiters, her son & his friends all particularly angry about the democratic betrayal since the referendum.

One of my (many) faults is that when I get involved in such things, I get overzealous in research work & getting my facts sorted. Didn't take long to find out who she was, the exact address how much her detached house cost in 2001 when they bought it, the crime levels in the village, the facilities there, her small eBay shop selling steampunk fashion and her love of Trump, MAGA & God. AND as one might suspect her Facebook account, her son's Facebook account & her dear "soul husbands" Facebook account which along with his Twitter account is full of the vilest racist language you are likely to find anywhere.

I didn't tell Heather this & got into the debate - wasn't long before I was the West Indian immigrant who had nothing to say & later the traitor who had left UK shores.

Finally, after the 24 hours or more & at least a volume of Tweets to make War & Peace look like a flyer, I realised I needed to get out in the sunshine & do some work. So I dropped the hint that she was lying all along & considering she probably hasn't seen an immigrant ever in her village, I thought we should end the discussion. It worked! Trouble is with these actions involving such people, you aren't ever going to convert them. All one can hope is that someone may stumble across the conversation & have second thoughts.

So off to the horse field outside our property to free it from a large spruce that had fallen onto the electric fencing & now needs to be cleared as the horses are starting to use the field. I took the selfie for Heather who at some point had been on about the French Yellow Vest movement being all about France wanting out of the EU. I only had yellow gloves & hat.

Kept the wood & won't pay the state forestry for it - my tax for clearing away their damage. In the evening another late evening walk in Ottobeuren amongst the dandelions & a late Sunset Strip local driver out showing off his "wheels" to the frogs & butterflies in the area. (Geotag of the dandelions)

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