By soozaday

Trestle Trail

Because it was low tide, we took the beach route this morning instead of the cliffs, and at the river mouth we stopped to inspect the new multi-use path attached to the railroad bridge. It's an important improvement for cyclists and pedestrians, and the first segment of the Coastal Rail Trail. The official opening is on Wednesday, but the path is in use now while the workers are dismantling the scaffolding and adding the finishing touches. It's quite an improvement on the former rickety old walkway--ten feet wide, smooth and solid, as seen in the first Extra. The second Extra focuses on one of the workers as he unscrews some of the platform beams; note that he is in a harness strapped to the girders--it's a dramatic long way down from his perch over the water. We were intrigued by the whole operation and happy to know there is a good safe path connecting two parts of town. 

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