I Wasn't Expecting That

Both the trout and myself got ourselves caught up today and happily I fared better than the fish in the outcome!

River Gwash ospreys never fail to disappoint and when 01 came in over the    water, just the once, it flew fast but beautifully right in front of the lens. Astonishing and exciting to see it there in front of you with his huge wings outstretched powering across. 

I on the other hand this afternoon drove through a gate where a lorry restocking the Rutland Reservoir with 2,500 fish was due and when it left they locked the gate behind them. I wasn't expecting that!!  

At no point was there any warning or sign but finding myself on the wrong side off the way out which took hours to free myself from, I was wondering whether or not I would ever make it to part 2 of my osprey extravaganza. Miles of dirt tracks later, fishermen, cyclists, random walkers and workmen tarmacing the escape route all tried to help whilst also finding it amusing! All the gates on the small tracks had combos with chains and all needed unlocking and my dilemma was finally sorted by a cyclist unlocking the gates having battered his door down on route for help. This was followed with me having to negotiate with workmen about driving over their newly rolled road - yes it can be done so long as you smile sweetly and look stricken. Walkers whom I kept meeting en route continued to wave cheerily as I passed yet again and again - Joy! Happy days.

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