Cue for a Song - AGAIN?

"Im all stuck up, MM, mm, oh, oh, yeah, yea,~ ~ ~ ~ "© Elvis(?)

The wee bit of pseudo-leather (Faux-leather), or, as I intentionally mispronounce it, "Fox Leather" had come untsuck over about 1/2 its width.
Grab the sticky stuff and stick the stuff. I found it necessary to hold it in place for a while as it would insits on rearing up Cobra-like when ignored. I didn't notice, until immensely later, that the fox leather had "grew some".
If you look carefully, you'll see the line I started to cut and see, also, how much it have grown by and covers the opening crack.
Another pointer, of course, which I forgot - the "hole" used to fit neatly around the G-16.
Fortunately there was just enough of a gap and free play, after "skinning" to get a fine knife in - TWICE - far enough to hear a small, but satisfying, "crack"; whereupon it began to behave as expected.

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