Whoohoo Shortlisted for BIPP Awards :)

I had calls in the morning and a very busy day! 
So much important to do at the moment that all needed to be done yesterday .... so I was deeply stuck in excel files and did not go out until late.
However, I squeezed a Portuguese lesson in at 1 pm.
At that time I also checked my private emails, and - oh joy - found an email from BIPP telling me I was short listed for the finalist round!
Following the link I realised that it was not only one image that was short listed, it was 8 across 5 categories!
I was so chuffed! I hoped for maybe one or so, but 8 was beyond my wildest dreams!
Now I need to get them printed, mounted and sent for the final judging round. Let's see what comes out in the end.

Neil was out most of the day and came back after 5 pm. We went to Chapter One for a coffee and then strolled through the Kiez. The weather was nice, despite rain forecast. 
We spend some time sitting in the sun and then went home. I had more work to do :(.
I need to finish the important stuff before I am gone. I do not like to leave things unfinished. They will struggle enough with my short notice period and holidays to come. I do feel bad letting people down, but cannot help it.
We cooked dinner at home and I had the first white asparagus, which is in season here now. Love it!

Blipping a street shot. Boys and their phones .... Guess you recognise the shadow :)

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