Ona's Photos

By Ona


These peonies have been in their vase for well over a week but it is only this evening that any of them are opening and it is only the one at the moment. This shot doesn't do its colour justice and there has been some faffing but it is another 'this made me smile at the end of a long day' blip. 

I've been busy and productive throughout the day and the same when I got home once Bailey had been walked in the sunshine. A few more jobs ticked off and then there was some weeding done of the gravel bed by the side of the drive - a job I had been looking at most mornings and evenings for the last couple of weeks. 

Bailey and I had a disturbed night last night with me coughing and him deciding he was in need of a trip to the garden and something to eat when he came back in. My cold if very definitely on its way out so I am hopeful of a better night's sleep. 

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