... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Sunset Cygnet Vignette

Look deeper in large.
Budding: front lit & back lit
Light through
Greylag working on their dressing and salutes?

We went to St. James's Park after supper at Ichi-Riki near Victoria, and found the swans supping under the bridge in the golden light of the sunset... The parents were tirelessly pulling up greenery for their seven swanlings, which just huddled around in cute cygnet circles.
The Ross'sling was nowhere to be seen, but its parents were on the edge nearest the palace in the greylag creche (with three sets of greylag goslings), and the Ross'sling's older sibling (/partner?) was on the other side, so I suspect that the Ross'sling might actually be nesting on the island, but we'll see.

Today's indoor lily macros and St. James's Park shots are all here (or right from Spidery filaments)

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