Anatole's blips

By anatolebeams


When we arrived at Dunnet head it was completely enshrouded in fog. Expecting to see nothing at all, we listened to the muffled cries of the Kittiwakes from the cliff below. Despondently we strolled along the top a short distance from the lighthouse with nothing to see apart from the occasional passing Fulmar. 

Keeping the cliff edge just in view, we walked only about 100yards when I noticed, just in front ... was a Puffin. Then another ... and another, then a few more. Gradually the fog parted and broke apart, the sun came out and revealed cliffs lined with Fulmars and Guillemots. The grassy banks were full of holes with even more Puffins and a few Razorbills. 

A whole lot better than seeing nuffin which was rather what we were expecting.

A short time later, celebratory Tea and scone at the local Cafe was called for.

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