Pluscarden Abbey - restored 13th c. priory

Superb stained glass at Pluscarden Abbey. Created by the monks of the Abbey in their own workshop using a modern technique of 'dalles de verde' - thick coloured glass, sometimes painted and fired and then cut and faceted, and set into a resin or concrete matrix.

The photo shows the 16' Rose Window in the north transept. The extra shows the exterior of the Abbey itself.

The Woman clothed with the Sun celebrates the place of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to whom the monastery is dedicated, in the history of Salvation. The roundel is based on chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation and symbolises the universe divided between the darkness of the dragon and the Light of Christ, shining through the Woman (Mary-the Church). The inner circle is the earth, under the power of Satan, but from which come wheat and grapes which will become the Body and Blood of Christ, shown here as a child, who will defeat the dragon on the cross. This is the cosmic battle between good and evil and each one of us must choose on which side he or she stands.

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