By Paladian


First of all and above everything else, thank you all so much for your wonderful comments, stars and hearts for my Blipversary yesterday.  That's exactly why I keep on keeping on.  Everyone here is  wonderful, and lovely and supportive and friendly, and everything that's positive in the world.

The image is of a house up the road.  It was up for sale months back, and we had a look through.  The house itself, although old, is nothing much and requires a truck load of money to get it back to rights.  It's also on a massive block, maybe two acres.  So the land value alone would be closed to a million dollars.  Right out of our price bracket even if we wanted to take it on.

It's been sitting there, slumbering away like Miss Haversham's mansion, for the last 6 months, and just the other day the demolishers moved in.  They seem to be leaving the house alone, but have razed everything else they could get their diggers into. 

All the trees are gone, along with most of the top soil.  It seems to us that the house will be retained and restored, and they will either sell off chunks of land, or build town houses right around it.  They may even build a retirement village around the house, and use the house for an admin centre. 

At this stage it's any ones guess.  Here's the Rower's angle.

Isn't the whole process of demolishing brutal?  All those hopes and dream reduced to a mound of rubble in the twinkling of an eye.

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