Community Alliums

Some sturdy white alliums growing in the raised bed at the community orchard. This is it from me today because I have mislaid the camera charger and the battery is now flat. I (think) I remember charging the camera earlier this week so it's not as if Cameraman has gone on holiday with the only one. But where it is I don't know and as it isn't in its 'usual place' I don't even know where to look. I'm just worried I'm going to find it in the fridge or some other peculiar place. So until he gets home tomorrow it's today's allium or phone photos.

I'm about to take Flora to the vet as her tummy hasn't settled though she is full of energy. I hope the vet can help.

After that it's a busy domestic and walking  day for me before yoga and relax.

*Edit. I found the charger. Not in the proper place but nowhere too odd like the fridge or compost bin :-))

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