The Devil of a Day!

Today, not only did we see our first duck-billed platypuses, but we also stroked a dear little (hand-reared) Tasmanian Devil. There were others, not tame enough to handle, but equally sweet at the Tasmanian Zoo. Earlier we'd visited the Platypus House, where they also rear the spiny (and friendly) Echidna. The other creature in my blip is a wombat. This one was very interested in coming over to see us, but soon lost interest as we offered no food. What delightful beasties they are!

We packed an awful/awesome lot into the day, as we started early with a cruise along Launceston's Tamar River into the heart of the Cataract Gorge and, in between our meetings with Aussie animals, also visited the Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre. So much to see I could have posted a dozen blips! Now so tired I'm ready for bed! Shall simply sum up by saying (wait for it!) Another lovely day!

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