By PicturePoems

Blowing in the Wind

Yesterday's breeze made the grasses sway.
They bend at the knees in the gales today.

by PicturePoems

I'd just told Mr PP that I was going to blip a flower and then added that I'd changed my mind, and that I even had a short verse to go with it. At this point, I recommend that if you are highly sensitive or easily offended, do not read on. But if you have a wicked sense of humour, you might enjoy the spontaneous ditty that Mr PP proposed ... I hope it makes you smile!

Everyone who's blipping flowers
Can shove them up their **ses,
I only mention this because
I'm featuring some grasses!

by Mr PP

Have a lovely weekend, blipmates.

And, if you read on despite the warning, and were offended, then spare a thought for me in lockdown with Mr PP! ;-)

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