Covid-cautious Chessmen

Afraid of catching Covid,
the chessmen keep their distance,
on official advice from both the queens,
and at the bishops' insistence:

"If we limit the number of men on the board,
spaced out, we should be all right.
And for now we bishops can move like rooks,
and a pawn can jump like a knight."

"Games should only be started
if players are up to the task.
If it makes you feel a bit safer,
you can put on a mask."

Displeased with the new rules, sadly,
the rooks take their books back to bed,
while the knights, feeling baffled, decide to
play one-a-side football instead.

"The world's gone mad," says the white king.
And the black king quite agrees.
"But at least we won't catch Covid --
and we'll have more time to read."

© Celia Warren 2020

The chessmen have been under lockdown for many weeks now, so even this limited game was welcomed by some, if not by others. So far, none of them has contracted the disease, but they are taking precautions.

Thanks to admirer for hosting the Silly Saturday challenge.

This is the tiddliumptieth adventure of the chessmen. I've actually lost count, but I believe it's over 40 now. If you want to catch up on their previous antics, please do a search on #PP_chessmen.

Enjoy your Saturday evening, blipmates (or Sunday if you're in the Antipodes)!

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