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By arkensielphoto

Waiting for Mummy or Daddy

Today's picture was taken early this morning of a young Starling. Its parent was feeding it, but by the time I had picked up my camera the parent had flown away. I waited, the Starling waited, but the parent did not come back. So the young one decided to feed itself and managed very well tasting various food on the feeder. Then suddenly it flew away so it obviously knew where it lived.

I went into town to collect our prescriptions and visit the bank and then went to the gym. I had an excellent one-to-one session this morning with Michael at the gym.

The afternoon was spent dealing with student queries, the cut-off date for their final piece of work is tomorrow; then I will be busy marking.

The weather at noon was eighteen degrees Celsius, so today I can knit one row of yellow, which will break up the monotonous green, which I have been using for the last twelve days.

Many thanks to everyone who visited my journal yesterday leaving stars and hearts. I do not often check the “popular” page, but did so for this one, we reached the top spot on the second page.

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