By AMK49

Last Nimrod

Making good use of our borrowed bikes we cycled from Findhorn to the ruined Kinloss Abbey - a Cistercian abbey founded in 1150 and active for over 400 years . Most of the stone was robbed in 1650 for Inverness Citadel. ( some photos would have been added as extras but unfortunately using my iPad the photo library is showing no photos for some reason.)

On our way back to Findhorn I stopped to look through the perimeter fence at the last Nimrod named Duke of Edinburgh that had flown many rescue missions from 1970 and saved from the scrapyard after the Kinloss base closed in 2010.

We will be driving home tomorrow- unfortunately weather wise we seem to be in the worst weather area in the uk so no sunshine today and plenty rain. We did shelter from one shower in the abbey ruins !!

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