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By NatureWatcher

Moorhen Chick

This morning I went to the gym at the hospital. They've upped the difficulty of a couple of the machines and I could feel the difference afterwards.  It's all good for me though!

There are lots of chicks on the castle moat, mallards, coot and moorhen.  This moorhen chick was really tiny and was very reluctant to join the rest of the family that were in the reeds, preferring to stay on the nest.  The parents were only feeding the chicks in the reeds so eventually it had to be brave and join them.   They're funny little things with the big goggles around their eyes and big black feet!

I'm always proud of my son but hope that you'll forgive me boasting about him. He went to the BBC today and was interviewed on the World Service about the airlines that the late Niki Lauder owned.  He came across really well (although I could be biased). 

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