Racing to get everything finished in time for an early start tomorrow. After Pilates, I had to go and pick up some new shoes on Princes Street, so I ended up coming the other way to the office on King's Stables Road, which really is a good way of getting to the Grassmarket with minimal additional climbing on the bike. That only leaves the sharp pull up Guthrie Street into Chambers Street.

Meanwhile, I've been battling with some peer review obligations requiring me regularly to log on to an idiotic remote assessment system, reading a draft chapter and having a PhD supervision, and doing numerous bits and pieces that needed completing (like paying the vehicle tax on the car - that sort of level of excitement). I also had some presents to buy. Now I need to finish my packing, do a time machine back up of the laptop, and get to bed at a reasonable hour.

I could have hung out for a blip off the balcony, as it looks like the light will be good again this evening, although not as dramatic as yesterday. But frankly, I've just to blip and run this evening.

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