By ArcLight


As Mr A says, "orf again". An additional element was added to an already scheduled trip when we received an invitation to J and M's wedding in Slovenia. To get here, we flew to Vienna and then booked a transfer by van (for a remarkably decent price, plus we had the van to ourselves) to the hotel in the far east of Slovenia. This is a place - on the Pannonian plain - where the skies are big. And the waters are good. It's a small spa town - a village really. With some hotels, an epic number of swimming pools (including a 50 metre outdoor pool in this hotel which I already enjoyed soon after our arrival), and a couple of restaurants in the local countryside. J and M took us, and one other early arrival, to dinner at Oaza, and mighty fine it was too.

The clientele of the hotel is mostly local. And elderly. But "local", in an area like this, does not mean "national". All the instructions are in German and Slovenian. We're about 20 kms from the Austrian and Hungarian borders, and just a little further from the Croatian border. It's "peak" central Europe. I love it!

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