It has been a strange day. 

The Manager is getting married at the weekend, and as a result, her focus is not quite what we usually expect.

Then we have this EU Parliament election tomorrow. More about that later.

I went home to change in between work and Gaelic class, checked my emails, and saw the class had been cancelled. The tutor has a problem with his voice, and has to rest it ahead of a big concert which his band has at the weekend. 

This meant I had an unexpected gap in the meal plan, so I made one of those very rare visits to Eddy’s for a kebab. 

News of the election campaign down south is strange too. In the afternoon the Tory MPs tried to change their own rules to allow themselves another vote on sacking May. This seems to have failed, like everything else they attempt. 

Unabashed, I hear May has blockaded herself inside 10 Downing Street and is refusing to come out or take calls from government colleagues. 

Along the road, Farage has been imprisoned in his own campaign bus, surrounded by protesters armed with milkshakes. 

I am not making this up. 

The Blip is Eddy's Assistant, slaving over a hot stove and my tavuk chicken kebab. 

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