Capital adventures

By marchmont


#2 son 33 (!), Sainsbury's 150. #2 soon had his phone stolen in Langkawi so no contact with him. HM looked slightly bemused understanding a DIY till.

I slept badly and didn't nod off till the Shipping Forecast came on at 5.20. Did some admin in the morning including sorting the TVs. Turned I had the adapters in the wrong rooms. I also decided the blind is beyond fixing so a new one has been ordered. After lunch I moved to the garden. It was cold though but I did get the grass cut. Then a long, and unexpected call with B. I'd missed J in n the morning.

Tonight it was the choir social. As usual fewer people than signed up came but the quiz was good and I was in the winning team, which was also the smallest.

Hope I sleep better tonight.

And the farce at Westminster gets more absorb by the minute. What will tomorrow bring?

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