Red Flash

By RedFlash

The old and the new

Every where in London New buildings are being built next to old.

There are several being built around my building.

They are putting new lights on the Millennium Bridge and in the extra you can see one of the workmen hanging off the building. When the evenings get dark again I’ll Blip the lights for you.

The weather was lovely but it really needs to rain for the plants.

HtP met me off the train and cooked dinner for us. Its nice being looked after.

Ben and his guide dog Maisie were on the train this morning. As the train is a different configuration to the one that we caught before the timetable change we found them sitting in the first class carriage. Of course Ben was unaware as to him it was just a seat. As the train was so full we didn’t see the guard so I can’t report that he was kind and let them stay there. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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