New TV Cabinet

I've hated our TV cabinet for years. It's too big and too dark.
I really can't remember why I bought a dark wood one ten or so years ago. I can only blame baby brain!! Anyway, it moved house twice with us and both times I've thought we really must get a new TV cabinet and then scoured websites, eBay, Marketplace etc only to not be able to find anything I like/can afford, and sticking to the old dark one which, to be fair, becomes invisible again once I stop obsessing about it.
This morning, drinking my tea in bed,  I was looking for garage shelving - another thing I periodically think about!! - on the local Facebook pages. Up popped a bookcase, TV cabinet and coffee table set. I emailed the woman and asked for a price on the TV cabinet alone. I was happy with the price and two hours later, drove to Brackley to pick it up. 
I love it!!!! I've spent all evening randomly exclaiming to Mr K how much I love our new TV cabinet!
Neither cream nor grey, not too big, not too small. It's perfect! 
And the old one will be banished into the garage where it will be useful storage.
So I won't need to obsess about garage shelving for a while!

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