By AMK81

Head Shave for ME

I did it!! I got my head shaved today, and have so far raised £185 for Action for ME.

My lovely friend Vicky at the local barbershop did it for me. I've known her since high school and she's been cutting my hair for a while now. She was amazing! She shaved my head, and even threaded and tinted my eyebrows and then gave me a tenner! Didn't charge me a penny!

Everyone in the barbers was so lovely too. A lovely elderly lady who had her hair cut before me gave me a fiver. Vicky's mum - who works in the barbers too - gave me a fiver. And the guy whose hair Vicky's mum was cutting gave me a tenner! People are so generous - I was quite overwhelmed!

It's been quite an experience - I think I like it! And my head feels really fluffy!

If anyone would like to donate the link is:

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