By AMK81


I got some lovely patches in the post today - I'd almost forgotten I'd ordered them! I got them to decorate some of my cardigans. I love the 50s style/ rockabilly cardies that are about and am going for that kind of style. Lotus flowers mean a lot to me as they're a connection to my meditation (mindfulness stems from Buddhism and they use lotus flowers a lot). I also feel a connection as the lotus flower comes up through the mud to blossom and this can represent coming through hard times to flourish. I also love images of cthulhu for some reason - a creature created by H.P. Lovecraft

It was good to get something nice to cheer me up. I've been stuck in bed for most of the day. I finished the last of my benefits forms yesterday and I'm just drained. It's taken me at least a month and a half to finish them off because of fatigue & brain fog (cognitive dysfunction - not being able to concentrate, memory issues etc). I wouldn't mind if I never see one of those forms again!

Thanks for the compliments and stars on my last post - I've now raised £375 for the Action for ME charity with the Head Shave :)

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