By AMK81

Two bee or not two bee

I just love bees! I spent a while in the evening watching bees crawling all over the chive flowers (and took a lot of photos!)

I had planned to go out for 5pm for a meal for a friend's birthday. Just been exhausted the last couple of days though and getting a shower was my limit. I just felt really overheated and nauseous for a while and had to go lie down.

Thankfully I got to go out in the garden for a bit later on. It was lovely to sit out and listen to the birds - I even got treated to a goldfinch landing in the bird bath right near me!

I took a few photos around the garden then sat near the chives to watch the bees. I got so caught up watching them I didn't realise I was getting tired and had to lie in the garden a while to recover! Good job the grass was dry! A blackbird treated me to a lovely song whilst I was lying there too :) It's the little things that make life beautiful!

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