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By Sallymair

Welcome one and all

This is the sign which our 5 year old granddaughter has put on her front door
What a wonderful greeting and what a wonderful way to be
Long may it last.
We've had a painter in today, back again tomorrow - he's painting a bedroom which was last done in the 90's and our front door. It did mean an early start though but fortunately I'd got up and dressed and gone back to bed with my coffee shop I was ready for his arrival. He's going to be even earlier tomorrow..... aargh!
Thanks to the early start I got lots done though. Out early to Rouken Glen garden centre at Bo'ness then home again to plant up what I'd bought, including a blueberry bush which the girls are going to like, provided the fruit already on it manage to ripen. I've put it into a big pot to see how it goes.
C went out to look at strimmers/edgers as we need a new one. Far too many to choose from, we haven't a clue... Any suggestions? It's not a huge garden and we really want it to edge rather than do much by way of strimming.
I'm down at K's just now so that J can go out and vote. I had a postal vote so mine is done too. I'm intrigued to see the outcome and what will happen as a result of it.
On target to get my steps done today too so that's good.

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