of the warrior orchid

i noticed it with the bud - something seemed off - it appeared crooked - i wondered if something - was wrong with the bloom - inside - you know how you get a feeling? - but then i put it out of my head - so many other things going on

now it’s opened - and lookit - can you see the difference? - perhaps it’s not so obvious - when not next to other blooms - but i noticed right away - it’s missing a petal - there should be 5 spanning - the circumference yet there are only 4 - it’s been stunted - this is what happens - when a plant suffers - a direct hit by human insulation debris - it’s not without its consequences

i was so worried my plants - would die but were rescued by - the loving hand of my brother - i’ve told the story here - before of how he cleaned them off - of all that ugly debris - yet in the back of my head - i wondered - and here on my beautiful warrior orchid - is proof that some suffering has occurred - however it has not taken - away the sheer glory of its life - the fact it survived an awful trauma - to still provide hope and joy - regardless of a missing petal

and that is what we must always - look for when faced with - events or circumstances which look potentially grim - find that one glimmer because it’s that - which will lead you to...


happy day.....

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