By Hillyblips

Eagle Eyed

High on the east side of Tewkesbury Abbey is the well monitored peregrine nest on a ledge there.

Eggs were laid starting April 7th, three in all but one hasn't hatched. They are now a week old and tiny little balls of fluff but with appetites like gannets. I follow the abbey blog where one can see the status of the offspring and also can stand near the abbey linked in to the live video feed with my iPhone. Clever idea for those of us who are interested.

No sign of CR (aka Christopher Robin) today and Bella sat stoically looking after chez nous giving me a glare down the lens that really said it all. Even from the distance I was in the grounds I caught the light in her eye and the awareness that I was a threat. There is no messing with her by the look of it. 

I so hope the two chicks thrive and fledge.

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