The Next Chapter!

By carol_dunham

Home again...

...minus some game cartridges for daughters Nintendo Switch but otherwise intact! We were all packed and ready to leave 10 minutes ahead of schedule this morning...something virtually unheard of in our family.

It was a nice trip home heading back the way we came over the Rest and Be Thankful to Arrochar where we stopped for brunch before carrying on down the side of Loch Long to Helensburgh and over the Erskine Bridge to the M8. A quick stop at Harthill services to pick up a few essentials from M&S and we were home mid afternoon. Slight problem when the lock wouldn’t turn on the back door...thankfully daughter had a key for the dining room door...and luckily I always remove the keys from inside when we go away!

It’s been a lovely week having all my babes under the same roof...but all good things must come to an end, hopefully they’ll all want to do it again. We were greeted by a riot of colour in the garden and an empty nest when we arrived...all my little feathered babies have fledged and so far there’s been no sign of any of them. The good news is the swallows appear to have moved back to their old nest now the blackbirds have gone, so hopefully more babies very soon.

Today’s collage: Inveraray Castle snapped as we crossed the bridge this morning; one of the four clematis in full bloom and the dilapidated pier in Arrochar with the Cobbler in the distance.

Thanks to BikerBear for hosting Flower Friday and 60plus for hosting Derelict Sunday.

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