Baling Hay

For the last few days we've been listening to the ka-thump, ka-thump, ka-thump and accompanying rise and fall engine noise, of a baler, first in one field, then another. Today it got to our neighbour's hay that was mowed last week. Found out that Sr Manuel himself has been ill, so he's sold the hay to Sr Segurado; here, he's supervising the man on the tractor, who I don't know yet. Shame it was midday, with the sun right overhead, as you can see from the shadows.

I guess, at least it's good for the hay making that there's no sign of rain.

- Mike making good progress with electrics and hatch for making ceiling in kitchen end of chimney
- good FT chats with all three of my kids (though they've all got the runs)
- Zion saying that the best thing in his five years was "Portugal", makes me very happy!

Oh, and thanks for all your love on yesterday's Blip.

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