By amandoAlentejo

Sky of Silk

Spent the day in bed, with my foot up, finishing the first volume of Doris Lessing's autobiography. Was told off so often for "losing myself in books and being anti-social" that now it always makes me feel guilty to read during the day; OK after everyone has gone to bed... but anyway, after walking to town yesterday for keep fit and walking back, and standing talking to people and then going to choir practice (don't ask!), the pain was excruciating, and just couldn't face it today, and nothing I had to get done...

Excellent writing and lots to make you think. My title is from a line of her poetry:

And there, dawn-lit, the church stood high against a sky of silk. (p 399)

The photo is of Monsaraz from the nautical centre where we went tonight. Another quote for Blippers who write:

The whole process of writing is a setting at a distance. That is the value of it - to the writer and to the people who read the results of this process, which takes the raw, the individual, the uncriticized, the unexamined, into the realm of the general. (p 397)

And then this, for those of us who have moved and been made to feel that our opinion doesn't count because we are new:

It is a rule that perhaps we don't attend to well enough, that even a visiting minnow may have useful contributions to make to a situation, simply because not part of the communal mindset. (p 352)

- almost no pain all day, just wonderful
- a husband who doesn't make me feel guilty for lying in bed, "doing nothing" 
- all the work he's done, sorting the electrics in the chimney

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