Nozzle cleaning

Back to school today, to work on the 3D printers again. One of the printers was completely clogged up and I started cleaning its nozzle. This requires heating the nozzle and then cooling it down again and then pull out the filament and (hopefully) whatever is causing the problem with it. This needs to be repeated until nothing but filament comes out. I started this task yesterday and worked on it again today. After a total of 10 hot-cold pulls as this procedure is called, the black residue that was causing the problem appeared to be all removed from the nozzle. After that, the printer was working again.

Meanwhile, my dad was in the hospital with my mum. They called me to inform me that my mother was going to be discharged at around a quarter to one.After watching Ellis on stage during the school’s “Showtime” performance, the two of us went home for lunch and after that I drove to hospital to help my mom and dad to get home again. I stayed with them until I was certain they would be alright with the two of them. Martine returned home right after me. We did groceries and had dinner. Dishes and laundry were handled after dinner: I’d say it’s time to relax a bit before Nienke’s birthday party tomorrow afternoon...

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