Dutch Skies

By ronbuist


It’s Nienke’s birthday today; she turned 15. Congratulations Nienke! It’s been a bit of a weird day. Nienke, Inge and Ellis had to go to school of course. Martine is away for two days for work. I was in school in the afternoon, working on 3D printing projects, when I received a call from my brother. My mom fell in a store in Groningen and she broke her upper leg. Oddly enough, the fact that she had her hip replaced years ago helped: the metal in her upper leg is keeping the broken bone together so no surgery is needed. She does need to stay in hospital tonight, though. Tomorrow they’ll take a look again and maybe she can go home then.

I wasn’t really myself after the news, but I did have some tasks to do still. Inge came to the rescue and did groceries while took care of take-out dinner. Then my in-laws arrived, later followed by Martine’s sister as well. Nienke has had a nice birthday and she got some birthday presents for classmates. When buying those, she treated herself to this huge toy rabbit.

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