Pink Purslane

As a change from bluebells, here is a drift of Pink Purslane, (Claytonia sibirica, or Montia sibirica). An introduction from USA in the C18, it is now widespread along streams and in damp woodland.

These we saw in Oakbank Wood, as we walked from the A71 towards Almondell following the Linhouse Water, after a successful shopping trip to McArthur Glen. Ramsons are still in flower here, (extra photo) dog's mercury and violet. The Water runs through shale deposits, which were a source of shale oil in the C19 and for which West Lothian was an important centre.

The walk passes below trees, partially along the route of the old mineral rail line, which ran between mines to the north and the works where paraffin oil was extracted, now long gone; however, as we were not able to cross the Water, we returned by the same route.

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