Misty Fragrance

We've reached the final destination of our week's tour through Scotland and I was intrigued by this machine which I spotted from the car while DJ was getting the gas filled. Not having any notion what it was (my bifocals need to be repaired and my extra pair of specs are not bifocal) I thought it must be some fancy name for motor oil/gas, but the sticker 'No Loud Music' tickled me, getting visions of people on motorbikes topping up while playing loud music. I have understood what it is now although I have never seen the likes of that before. Again intrigued what the misty fragrance 'New car' would smell like .... I know some people would take the smell of their car very seriously, but I'm still sending it in for Silly Saturday. Surely people wanting their car to smell good would not be playing loud music though ! ;-)

In other news, it's our 34th Wedding Anniversary today. We did know each other much longer than that and actually lived together before we married, how very modern we were ... :-) I'm hoping for some extra cake during tonight's dinner !

Thanks so much for the kind comments, stars and even faves for yesterday's clematis.

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