One point of focus

Derleict Sunday (bicycles) & Wildflower week (poppies) in the extras.

Gill suggested I went to Chedam's Yard in Wellesbourne today, having been there with her art group earlier in the week. The yard is a blacksmith and wheelright's workshop dating from the early 1800s and in operation into the 1960s.  When the business closed it was just left untouched until ~2006 when it was a winner on the BBC Restoration Programme. After an extensive period of renovation it opened as a museum in 2012.

Much of the yard's contents were catalogued and left where they were found, e.g. the big vice to the left of the main blip and the bicycles in the extra. Wildflowers self seeded and have also been largely left to grow where they were if at all possible.   Volunteers now demonstrate some of the work that was done there.  It will no doubt be making return visits to my journal and would make a brilliant blipmeet.

There is a photo competition running so I'll go through my images and see what might be suitable to send in. I quite like my main blip with all of the focus pointing straight to the hot steel.

A few more here on Flikr

Film night tonight - and the theme is Italian :-)

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