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My finished Victoria Sponge, which I was very pleased with although I have to confess to using BC ready made buttercream filling this morning when I put it together. I'm sure it was much sweeter than home made although I did use home made raspberry jam.
It was our fair today so I was at church from 9.30 till 5pm! A long day and amazingly I did 10000+ steps while in the hall preparing for and helping at the sale.
We had a smaller turn out than last year, but still managed almost £900.
Our bric a brac stall was much better this year compared to last with much less unsaleable stuff. I do wonder though which member of our congregation gave me “The original boob mug " to sell. a) that they thought it was a suitable item for a church sale and b)just which member of the congregation had actually owned it. I refuse to put up a picture but feel free to Google it!
We were both worn out by the time we got home and I was very glad I'd picked up a crispy d7ck from Tesco. Yummy and minimum effort.
I popped into Waitrose at Comely Bank this evening and was very happy to see the notice which is my extra picture, in the ladies loo. It's something I've felt strongly about for a very long time and I'm glad that at last it is being addressed. Well done to the store too.
13500 steps today so still on target, 3/3

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