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Lords and ladies

Otherwise known as: Devils and Angels; Adam and Eve; Cuckoo-pint; Snakes Head; Jack in the Pulpit or correctly Arum Maculatum. It's always rather special to see and it's even more dramatic in the late summer and autumn when the central spike becomes a tower of bright orangey red berries. Poisonous, so leave well alone! I spotted this one on the cycle path this morning, it is such a lovely shape and I was pleased to spot it.
What a change in the weather today. The wind has dropped and the temperature had risen, it was a joy to be put on an early morning walk... well early for me that is!
I spent time in the garden planting things on. I know things are difficult but I feel really disappointed by the service from some of the big seed and plant companies. I ordered in March and was told dispatch would be on 11th May and still haven't heard anything. Its going to be too late to plant things soon.
Spent a couple of hours reading in the garden which was nice too. The scent of our dwarf lilac was almost overpowering, beautiful. I've always liked lilac, I remember at school, in the late 60's probably, buying a solid lilac perfume stick, I think honeysuckle and possibly lily of the valley were also available in the same range, which came from Avon.
We played online Bridge again this evening, I'm getting to quite enjoy it.
I can't bear to listen to the news at the moment. Yet again we are being sidetracked from all the major issues which should be being dealt with. You have to wonder if it is all a major distraction technique.
To those of us doing as we are told, keep going, it's so worth it.

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