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By Chamaeleo

Menorca Day 8: Seriously Stormy Seas

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Extras: Sunrise gulls, Hummingbird hawk-moth visiting Lantana, Street silhouette, "How much will this buy me?"
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The sea was even more stormy when I woke, so I photographed the splashes, spray, and swell as the sun rose.
We took our morning coffee indoors above Arenal on account of the wild winds.
We headed into Mahon to run some errands, have an amble, do some shopping, and find lunch at the Mercat de Peix. The fish market (Sa Peixateria) has been half "mercado de pescado" and half "mercado gastronómico" (tapas bars, wine bars, cervecerias, &c.) for a few years now, and it is rather buzzy both in person and photographically.

Day 8 photos will be here (or right from Sunrise gulls)
Albums: Shortlist (favourites), Longlist, and Sunrises & Swells

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