nogbad's blips

By nogbad

Nine then?

So that's nine years blipping out of the way. I celebrated by going down to Dungeness for a cup of tea and a walk in the sun and wind. I bought some strawberries on the way back and I'll have those as a treat too.

Thanks for popping by through the last nine years - lots has happened; some you're aware of and some you're not. I can glance back at blips and be reminded of stuff that was happening and why I was in a particular place to grab that shot. I've been able to document some happy times as well as a few sad times, however candid I've been there are still lots of other things that didn't make the cut and it will always be thus. Blipping is a good habit to have and I'm immensely proud to be a member of this community - I love you all, even that strange bloke at the back who smells a bit of wet cats and stale cigarettes. 

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