By ArcLight


When we woke up this morning, neither of us were feeling particularly bright. We cut breakfast, in favour of an early lunch at the pizzeria down the road, by which time things were looking up a bit. I'd been for a swim, and we'd managed, with some difficulty, to manoeuvre everything back into our bags, and we were waiting for our transfer to Zagreb airport. At the pizzeria, one thing led to another (that is, a pizza led to a comfort pudding, mainly for Mr A, although I must confess to having a few spoonfuls out of this side...). Very nice it was too.

We were at Zagreb airport in loads of time - one of the disadvantages of using a transfer service, when timings are largely out of your hands. Our flight into Belgrade was a little late, but everything from then on went smoothly. Taxi, AirBnB, find a shop for breakfast things, collapse into bed. The AirBnB seems light and airy, being on the fourth floor with a very eccentric/elderly lift if you don't fancy the stairs (I haven't yet).

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