Our last day - Loch of Neapaback, Yell

Our last full day on Shetland and the plan was to go and photograph the Black Guillemots, which we managed, though they weren’t being very active.  In the end the rounded rocky boulders that we had to cross put me off going closer.  I still enjoyed my day taking a variety of different images - this seascape view along the lock, the ruined chapel just to my left and lots of landscape images along the sea-shore.  It’s a lovely spot if you ever have a chance to visit, especially when there is a bit of blue sky and sun.  

Things didn’t quite go to plan in the afternoon, especially for Josh who had to go back to Lerwick to change the hired van and then for us when we discovered the tea-shop closed on a Friday.  So I amused myself along the jetty, taking boat reflections in the water, as we waited for Josh to return.

Finally, we drove on to our last hotel at Hillswick  where the owner and staff were so helpful and I wish we’d been able to stay for longer.  It’s set on a beautiful bay that I would have liked to explore further.  Some of us  had to leave at 6am to catch our 8.30/40 flights and the hotel put on a buffet breakfast complete with lots of fruit (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries etc).  So I need to write my trip advisor entry as my way of saying thank you.  If I ever get to Shetland again I’d make a beeline for this hotel.

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