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The Old Forge (Saturday 25th May 2019)

This looked nothing like it does now when I took it out of the camera. It was so underexposed I nearly deleted it straight away, but I do enjoy experimenting with such failures to see what can be done with them, and I now enjoy this frame more than the other correctly exposed images that I took (one in Extras). It is a type of dog rose (rosa canina) growing on the neighbouring garage wall behind my car port.. I don't think it is a wild variety but most likely one I bought at a plant sale many decades ago.

27.5.2019 (1712 hr)

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Day #3348 (761 gaps from 26.3.2010)
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Taken with Panasonic/Leica DMC-LX100 M4/3 compact

The Woodland Garden (May 2019) (Flickr album)(Work in progress)

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
The Carolines - Mama's Little Girl (recorded 1966, New York NY)
The Carolines, unknown to me until I heard them on the radio the other day, were a girl group whose lead singer, Carell Mancuso, had a great wavery voice slightly reminiscent of Ronnie Spector in the Ronettes. They had a couple of Spectorish singles released at the time (not in the UK) but recently three more unreleased recordings have been unearthed and released on a single on the British Ace label. The tunes include Big House, written by their producer Larry Weiss, and Jackie DeShannon & Jack Nitzsche’s Baby That's Me , first recorded by The Paris Sisters but remaing in the can until Ace put it out in 2016. It would eventually have versions recorded by the Fashions, the  Cake and Lesley Gore. The third, chosen here, is Mama's Little Girl, written by Chip 'Wild Thing' Taylor and most notably known by Reparata and the Delrons.

"Through songwriter Billy Terrell, a mutual friend, I was contacted by composer and producer Larry Weiss. With credits such as I Go To Pieces’ for Gerri Granger,  Mr Dream Merchant for Jerry Butler, the international hit Bend Me, Shape Me and some stunning ballads for Ray Pollard, Baby Washington, Chuck Jackson, Walter Jackson and others already to his name, Larry became best known in the 70s as the writer of Glen Campbell’s big hit Rhinestone Cowboy.
"Being on the Brill Building scene in the 60s, Larry worked with several girl groups and his writing style lent itself to the sound Phil Spector made so popular. An act he seemed particularly close to was the Carolines who recorded his
Can’t Stop Lovin’ The Boy and You’re My Baby for Roulette in 1966. Larry also produced the group’s other single, issued on Dynovoice two years later. All four of those sides are excellent, but languishing in Larry’s storage vault were three superb girl group recordings from 1966, all with full production and previously unheard.
"Lead singer Carell recalls how it all came about: 'We were a singing group in the 60s – sisters Trisha (Pat) and Evie Patane, Sylvia Torres and me, Carell Mancuso. Everyone called me Carol or Carol Ann. We were originally the Teardrops but became the Carolines, after my nickname. We sang at a lot of school functions and just for ourselves and friends: all our favourite girl group songs from that time by the Ronettes, Marvelettes, Crystals, Shirelles etc.
'One summer day we went to the beach. I remember it well. We’re at Jones Beach in Long Island, New York, on a blanket, under the sun, and we’re singing, practicing songs, as we did. This guy comes up to our blanket and says, ‘I’m Larry Weiss from Roulette Records.’ I remember saying to him, ‘Yeah, and I’m Ed Sullivan from New York City!’ – being the silly girl I was. He continued and said, ‘Really! We’d like you to come to the Brill Building to hear you and see if we can work with you.’ Well, we did go and they liked us. We made a record for Roulette and went on record hops in Philadelphia to promote it. A couple of years later we also recorded with Bob Crewe’s company, Dynovoice Records, as the Little Bits featuring Karyl Mann [The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore)] – another name switch. But the three songs here were recorded for Larry and for some reason never came out.” - Ady Croasdell, Ace Records (2018).

One year ago:
Sam Widges (Baguette shop)

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